Art x Science Dialogues: Curation In The Context of Artificial Intelligence

Join the upcoming Art x Science Dialogue, exploring the topic of curation and artificial intelligence with Mr. Patrick Keller, Architect and Co-founder of fabric | ch and Ms. Xi Li, Curator and Director of Aiiiii Art Center.

While the question of whether AI will take over the art world has been raised repeatedly, there seems to be a consensus in the art world that AI is a creative tool and that we should make better use of it. And it is the same with curation. Using algorithms in content curation and spatial design, implementing AI systems in museums, curating on generative artworks and etc. are the new issues facing today’s curators.


In the upcoming edition of Art x Science Dialogue, we’ll invite Mr. Patrick Keller, Architect and Co-founder of fabric | ch, and Ms. Xi Li, Curator and Director of Aiiiii Art Center, to join the conversation on the topic of curation and artificial intelligence.


Patrick Keller will present the works from their Collective – fabric | ch, featuring Atomized (curatorial) Functioning. It is an architectural project based on automated algorithmic principles, to which a machine learning layer can be added as required. It is a software piece that endlessly creates and saves new spatial configurations for a given situation and converges towards a “solution”, in real-time 3d and according to dynamic data and constraints. While Xi Li will present her research on AI art curation and her perspectives and practices in curating the exhibitions at Aiiiii Art Center. It is a brand new artificial intelligence art institution based in Shanghai, aiming to offer insight into the many challenges, practices, and creative modes of artificial intelligence-based art.

Atomized (curatorial) Functioning by fabric | ch


16:00 – 16:05          Opening Remarks

Cissy Sun, Head of Art-Science, Swissnex in China


16:05 – 16:25           Presentation

Patrick Keller, Architect, Co-founder, fabric | ch


16:25 – 16:45           Presentation

Xi Li, Curator, Director, Aiiiii Art Center


16:45 – 17:00          Discussion and Q&A




fabric | ch – studio for architecture, interaction & research

Combining experimentation, exhibition, and production, fabric | ch formulates new architectural proposals and produces singular livable spaces that bind localized and distributed landscapes, algorithmic behaviors, atmospheres, and technologies.

Since the foundation of the studio, the architects and scientists of fabric | ch have investigated the field of contemporary space in its interaction with technologies. From network-related environments that blend physical and digital properties to algorithmic recombination of locations, temporalities, and dimensions based on the objective sensing of their environmental data, it is the nature of our relationship to the environment and to contemporary space that is rephrased.

The work of fabric | ch deals with issues related to the mediation of our relationship to place and distance, to automated climatic, informational, and energetic exchanges, to mobility and post-globalization, all inscribed in a perspective of creolization, spatial interbreeding, new materialism, and sustainability.

fabric | ch is currently composed of Christian Babski, Stéphane Carion, Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller (cofounders of the collective), Keumok Kim and Michaël Chablais.




Aiiiii Art Center

Aiiiii Art Center (Est. 2021) is an artificial intelligence art institution based in Shanghai. The organization seeks to support, promote, as well as incubate both international and domestic artists and projects related to intelligent algorithms. Aiiiii Art Center is committed to becoming a pioneer of artificial intelligence through the discovery of exciting possibilities afforded by the intersections of creativity and technology.

Aiiiii Art Center aims to offer insight into the many challenges, practices, and creative modes of artificial intelligence-based art. Such aims will be achieved through academic conferences and published research efforts conducted either independently or in collaboration with domestic and international institutions and organizations. This organization will also actively promote and showcase the exploratory uses of artificial intelligence-based art in practice.




Art x Science Dialogues is a new webinar series initiated by Swissnex in China in 2020. The webinar series not only presents artistic projects where scientists and research engineers are deeply involved but also looks into new interdisciplinary initiatives and trends. Through the dialogues between artists and scientists, we try to stimulate the exchange of ideas between the two different worlds and explore opportunities for collaboration.