Get to know the people behind Swissnex in China and discover job openings at this location and the entire Swissnex.

CEO, Consul

Philippe Roesle

Head of Academia & Arts

Yiwen Sun (Cissy)

Junior Project Manager

Loïc de Prado

Junior Project Manager

Aijing Cao

Startup Manager

Wang Yue (Felicia)

Junior Project Manager - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Tingye Hu (Tia)

Head of Communications

Camille Burki

Communications Specialist

Langyuan Ma

Operations Manager

Jingting Hu (Sherry)

Financial Manager

Yi Qin (Jasmine)

Office Messenger

Yue Shi

Science, Technology & Education Office in Beijing

As part of the Swissnex network, the Science Technology & Education Office at the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing is a policy-oriented bureau that aims to strengthen cooperation and bilateral relations in education, research, innovation between Switzerland and China.

Deputy Head of Science, Technology and Education Office

Céline Badertscher

Senior Science Officer

Chenchen Liu


Kexin Ren