Swiss-Japan Aging Forum on Health, Loneliness and Poverty

Swiss-Japan Aging Forum on Health, Loneliness and Poverty

Swissnex in Japan is thrilled to share the success of our recent event, the "Swiss-Japan Aging Forum on Health, Loneliness, and Poverty," which took place on April 19th, 2023. We were honored to welcome two esteemed sabbaticals from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Ms. Flurina Meier Schwarzer and Ms. Christina Erös, who shared their invaluable insights and experiences. They shared the current situation of elderly people in Switzerland and their research achievements in tackling the situation they are facing. In addition, we had the pleasure of hosting three distinguished Japanese experts: Dr. Jun Sasaki from Yushoukai Medical Corporation, Prof. Keiko Katagiri, Head of Advanced Research Center for Well-being and professor at Kobe University, and Prof. Yusuke Hatamoto from Doshisha University. These experts provided a wealth of knowledge from both Swiss and Japanese perspectives, with a focus on both research and practical applications. We received lively and engaging questions from the audience, which allowed us to delve deeper into the issues surrounding an aging population. I hope this event provided a platform for us to further contemplate the common challenges faced by both Switzerland and Japan.

The Experts

"I am very grateful for creating opportunities for exchange between Japan and Switzerland. It has become a good opportunity to think about the issue of aging, which must be considered beyond national borders." - Yusuke Hatamoto, Doshisha University

“A meaningful exchange of views between Japanese and Swiss experts on the shared challenges of super-aging, loneliness, isolation and poverty among the elderly.
It was a learning opportunity.” - Jun Sasaki, CEO/Chairman, Yushoukai Medical Corporation

“Deep insights into the challenges posed by rapidly aging populi and on the two countries' home care strategies.” - Simon Psenner, Commercial Officer, Kansai Region, Austrian Embassy Commercial Section

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