STS forum 2022

Swisstech, STS forum, and our Innosuisse Campers!

The prime moment of opportunity for Mobyfly and DePoly

That’s a wrap! – The 19th edition of the Science and Technology in Society forum took place in Kyoto, Japan from October 2 to 4, 2022. It was a week full of powerful encounters with world leaders in politics, business and academia, discussing opportunities and challenges related to science and technology in society.
We were very proud of attending the forum with a high-caliber Swiss delegation including State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation Prof. Dr. Martina Hirayama; President of ETH Board Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner; President of ETH Zürich Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot; President Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman and vice-president Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger of the University of Zurich; President André Kudelski of Innosuisse; Samantha Anderson, DePoly co-founder and CEO; Sue Putallaz, MobyFly co-founder and CEO; and Raymond Cron, CEO of Switzerland Innovation.
We were thrilled to see breakthrough Swisstech startups and high-caliber speakers give impressive pitches for the first time. Samantha Anderson pitched award-winning startup DePoly, which offers low cost, scalable and low energy full recycling of PET, even with impurity presents in the materials. Sue Putallaz presented Hack Osaka 2022 winning startup MobyFly, which designs fast, efficient, zero-emission hydrofoil boats that will change waterborne travel forever. Both pitching speakers earned well-deserved applause from their panel audiences and we, as Swiss representatives, are particularly delighted that our contribution to this forum showcased successful female entrepreneurs and green tech startups.
The Swiss delegation had the pleasure of doing bilateral meetings and top-level encounters at STS forum. Our high-caliber speakers Michael Hengartner, Michael Schaepman and André Kudelski presented strong reasons to work closer with Switzerland on innovation and research.
ETH President Joël Mesot also hosted a wonderful ETH Alumni event in Kyoto within the framework of STS forum. The event was a great occasion for remaining connected over Kyoto food and drinks, and staying updated on the latest news from the Alma Mater for past and present students at ETH Zürich. President Joël Mesot gave some nice anecdotes about Albert Einstein and his time at ETH Zürich and University of Zurich.
UZH President Michael Schaepman and Vice President Christian Schwarzenegger also hosted an exclusive UZH Alumni dinner in Kyoto. The event was a great opportunity for networking over delicious Kyoto food and drinks, and offered nostalgia among past and present students at University of Zurich. President Michael Schaepman gave an insightful talk about Albert Einstein and his time at University of Zurich and in Switzerland. The timing and place of these get-togethers were ideal, as Albert Einstein visited Kyoto exactly 100 years ago.
Within the framework of STS forum, the Swiss delegation also visited top tech-firms Panasonic, Daikin, SCREEN and the Remote Sensing Technology Center RESETC.
This Science and Technology in Society forum was a resounding success for Switzerland, and we hope to see a great Swiss delegation next year!