nexCafé – Material Meetup Kyoto

Master craftsmen making world-class products from natural materials

It has been an overwhelming success and a pleasure to host the 6th nexCafé event at FabCafe Kyoto with the theme of “Master craftsmen making world-class products from natural materials.” We invited six exceptional presenters who shared captivating insights into the immense value of modern-age natural materials, meticulously crafted by “Takumi” (master craftsmen) at the pinnacle of their art. Moreover, the event was followed by an exclusive showcase of a motorcycle made from natural fiber.

Gregory Glanzmann and Natsumi Nitta from Tras Ltd. unveiled the company’s evolution from crafting MotoGP car bodies to pioneering sustainable composite materials inspired by ancient Japanese molding techniques. Tras Designs showcased their commitment to merging design excellence with functionality in creating Advanced Composite Materials. President Masanao Nitta detailed Tras’s prestigious 33-year legacy in motorsports and involvement in groundbreaking projects.

Website: Tras Ltd.

Genichiro Endo of Endo Luggage presented the ingenious “Fiber Bag,”a functional product from the company’s rich history as a bag industry pioneer since 1824.

Website: Endo Luggage Co.,Ltd.

Tomoyuki Wakabayashi, from Wakabayashi Butsugu Mfg, shared insights into preserving Kyoto’s traditional craft skills and exploring new business ventures.

Website: Wakabayashi Butsugu Mfg. Co.,Ltd.

Finally, Keita Shimizu of Creative Norm emphasized designing with a time axis, utilizing natural materials to craft timeless designs. These collective narratives underscored a commitment to sustainable practices and innovation, shaping a greener future.

Website: Creative Norm Inc.