Mikafi, automated coffee roasting in Japan


One of Swissnex most recent initiatives was the series of projects and events that took place in Kyoto and Osaka in collaboration with Mikafi, a Swiss startup that is on a mission to refine the coffee industry by delivering the ultimate coffee experience to consumers worldwide. Mikafi has developed a cutting-edge digital IoT platform that can customize roasting to each individual's needs, while simultaneously providing a seamless and easy-to-use experience for shop owners and individuals alike. Mikafi also owns all the intellectual property rights to a new, digitally-enabled roasting technology made in Switzerland that is fully automated and environmentally friendly. The Mikafi series of projects and events aimed to showcase this innovative coffee solution to different audiences and contexts in Japan, as well as to promote transparency and traceability in the coffee industry. The series consisted of four events that spanned all the month of April. The first event was a presentation of Mikafi's technology alongside designers, artists and fair trade coffee merchants at FabCafe Kyoto, a creative space that fosters collaboration and innovation. The event was part of the MTRL series and attracted more than 40 visitors who were interested in learning more about Mikafi's vision and values, as well as tasting its personalized coffee. The second event was a cupping workshop alongside FabCafe's own barista at FabCafe Kyoto, that is part of the global FabCafe network. The workshop was an opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to learn more about the different types of green coffee beans that Mikafi sources directly from farmers, as well as the roasting profiles that Mikafi's AI model predicts based on each individual's taste preferences. The workshop also allowed participants to compare and contrast Mikafi's coffee with other conventional roasts. The third event was a tea ceremony with a twist where coffee was the center of attention. The event was held at  at the tea room “Tairitsuseki” in Shoseien, the garden of Higashi Honganji, a traditional location thatoffers authentic tea ceremonies. The event was a collaboration between Mikafi and the owner, who is also a certified tea master. The event was a unique fusion of Japanese and Swiss cultures, where participants could experience the ritual and etiquette of a tea ceremony, but with coffee instead of tea. The event also highlighted the similarities and differences between tea and coffee, as well as the importance of sustainability and quality in both beverages. The fourth and final event was at Osaka Food Lab, a food innovation hub that supports startups and entrepreneurs in the food industry. The event was an exclusive presentation of Mikafi's technology to roasting professionals who were interested in learning more about Mikafi's solution and how it could benefit their businesses. The event also featured a live demonstration of Mikafi's roasting machine and a tasting session of its customized coffee. The Mikafi series of projects and events was a successful collaboration between Swissnex in Japan and Mikafi that showcased the potential of personalized coffee to different audiences and contexts in Japan. The series also demonstrated how Swissnex in Japan supports Swiss startups and innovators in expanding their reach and impact in Japan and beyond.