Decentralized Finance: New Horizons in Financial Innovation

We are honored to have hosted a distinguished sabbatical from ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Marcus Wunsch, who shared his insights and experiences. Alongside him, we welcomed esteemed Japanese experts, Mr. Roi Hirata from Ava Labs, Ms. Jinny Foo from OPTAGE, and Mr. Kenji Sugawara from SettleMint. Through the panel discussion, we received many questions from the engaging audience, which allowed us to delve deeper into the future of Fintech. This event provided a platform to further contemplate the common challenges faced by both Switzerland and Japan.

Topics of Presentations

“Decentralized Finance: Insights and Outlook”
Dr. Marcus Wunsch

“Opportunities & Challenges of WEB3 in Japan’s market”.
Ms. Jinny Foo

Profile of the Speakers