City Tech Tokyo 2023

Swiss startups lifting off in Tokyo

Flyability and Zesst by Almatech

It was a real pleasure to represent SwissTech at the first edition of City Tech Tokyo, an event that showcased some of the latest technological advancements and innovations from around the world.

City Tech Tokyo is an event that is organized annually by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the aim of showcasing the latest technological advancements and innovations from around the world. The event brings together some of the leading technology companies and startups from around the globe to showcase their products and services.

SwissTech’s participation in City Tech Tokyo was a significant event for Switzerland as it provided an opportunity for the to showcase its latest technological innovations to a global audience. The event provided a platform for the two startups brought by Swissnex, Flyability and Zesst by Almatech to interact with potential customers, partners, and investors and demonstrate the value of its products and services.

One of the highlights of those two busy days was a reception organized at the Embassy of Switzerland that showcase a live demonstration of Flyability’s technology and further allowed the audience composed of investors and technologist to exchange and discuss on future trends.

The evening reception hosted by Ambassador Andreas Baum at his residence welcomed two Swiss ventures that joined City Tech Tokyo, the first open innovation event organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Flyability, an inspection and exploration drone startup and ZESST by Almatech, a novel model of hydrogen-powered and zero-emission boat, showcased their products and expertise in areas of innovation and sustainability in front of 50 guests consisting of representatives from media, government, industry, academia, venture capitalists and other stakeholders.

The reception, held in parallel to the Swisstech booth on Swiss Made Innovation at City-Tech.Tokyo (February 27-28 2023), was organized as a collaborative effort between the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Switzerland Innovation, Consulate of Switzerland, Swissnex in Japan as part of the Embassy’s Vitality.Swiss campaign of the road to the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai.

The impact of SwissTech’s participation in City Tech Tokyo was not limited to the event itself. Theparticipation in the event helped to raise Switzerland’s profile in the technology industry and showcase its capabilities to broad Japan based audience. The event also provided valuable insights into the latest technological trends and advancements in Japan.