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Web3, DeFi, and their Impact on Society

Our partners and speakers

Swissnex in Japan, with the support of Osaka Prefecture and City, is delighted to bring you an opportunity to connect the industry of web3, DeFi and NFTs from the Japanese and Swiss perspective. Given the ever-increasing role of technology in our financial industry, it is crucial to understand, synergize, and stay ahead of the rapidly changing environment that leads far into our futures.

We are thrilled to announce one key speaker, who has spent 14 years of his most recent career life studying the intricacies of Web3, DeFi, and NFTs: Mr. Joi Ito.

We will also welcome Professor Thomas Ankenbrand, an expert in the field, who has been observing blockchain, agent-based modeling, and DeFi trends in Switzerland for many years now.

A crucial actor in Osaka’s development as a global financial hub, Mr. Ken Matsuda, Chief Marketing Officer of the Blockchain Hub, will also join us. With his extensive experience in the financial field, he now serves as a crosspoint between Japan and the international stage of blockchain and FinTech.

Last but not least, Tamaki Nishimura (profile only available in Japanese), a graduate of Ritsumeikan University, has been working on several projects throughout Asia in project management field. She has since delved into the world of web3 and cryptocurrencies with Gaiax Co. Ltd. and is the founder of CryptoBase – a shared working space for crypto builders. She now is working on a blockchain project for real estate investment funding. As a member of the Ethereal Foundation, Tamaki brings on-the-ground experience and insight to the web3, blockchain, and DeFi landscape.

Please join us at this critical, deeply topical event to better comprehend and adapt to the evolving environment of finance and web technologies.


Doors open

  • 9:45am – Doors open / Registration


  • 10:00am – Opening remarks by Dr. Felix Moesner, Consul
  • 10:03am – Partner remarks from Osaka Prefecture/City


  • 10:10am – Key note presentation by Joi Ito
  • 10:35am – Panel discussion and Q&A

After event

  • 11:10am – Networking
  • 11:30am – Event closes

Event start time