World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Debriefing

Annual Meeting in Davos 2023 Debriefing

The world today is at a critical inflection point. The Annual Meeting in Davos addressed different challenges faced by the world currently - energy and food crises, high inflation and low growth economy, industry headwinds, social vulnerabilities, and geopolitical risks. It proposes a new system for each of these challenges that can help provide solutions for the problems and promote growth, innovation, and resilience. On the topic of the Annual Meeting in Davos we will be asking insights from our panelists:

1. Energy and Food Crises in the context of a New System for Energy, Climate and Nature
2. High Inflation, Low Growth
3. High Debt Economy in the context of a New System for Investment, Trade and Infrastructure
4. Industry Headwinds in the context of a New System for Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Private Sector Innovation and Resilience
5. Social Vulnerabilities in the context of a New System for Work, Skills and Care

Meet the Panelists


  • 5:00pm – Sign-in & Registration
  • 5:15pm – Welcome & Introduction
  • 5:30pm – Presentation & Panel Discussion
  • 6:00pm – Q&A Session
  • 6:30pm – Networking Reception

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