Pc: Katie Wasserman

K2A small grants 2023

Knowledge2Action program is actively looking for projects based on academic research, converted into tools / processes that support awareness, advocacy and transformation of the UN SDGs, while aiming to convert research into action.

Your research can take the form of policy briefs, teaching material, seed-money to develop a social business model, proof of concept or prototype, workshops, popular media formats (websites, theatre, web-campaigns, comics, documentary films, etc.). Researchers, including senior, early-career, postdoctoral and PhD researchers, from South Asian and Swiss research institutions and artists, NGOs, CBOs, etc., engaging with sustainability are invited to apply.

Please note that this call does not fund any conventional research, including data collection. Also, conventional academic dissemination (scientific publications and conferences) does not count as impact. The involvement of stakeholders and concerned communities is highly advisable.