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A (Digital) look at the Digital Healthcare Industry in India

Digital Healthcare delivery through aspects such as Telemedicine, mHealth, EHR/EMR systems, Healthcare Analytics, and Robot-Assisted Surgery has been gaining popularity in India in recent years.

Numerous start-ups in mHealth and e-pharmacy setups have emerged post-2018. These start-ups extend across devices (30%) and services (70%), including wearables, e-consultations, and online medicine delivery, EHR and EMR, among others with services. With the National Telemedicine Guidelines introduced in 2020, the gap between providers and patients has decreased. Players in telemedicine, physical diagnostics, mHealth and EHR solutions amongst others are increasingly developing alternatives to bring in efficient, widespread and affordable healthcare.

Learn more about trends, opportunities, emerging areas and upcoming regulations in this exciting segment in a webinar with Swissnex in India.

Swissnex is the launchpad for Swiss startups to expand into the Indian market. As a direct representation of the Swiss government in India, we are a zero equity accelerator trusted by over 50 startups for their India market entry.

Join us in this webinar for a (digital) peek into the Digital Health domain on the 2nd September, 2021.

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