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You are one step closer to ‘going global’. Welcome aboard.

Until a few years ago, companies ventured abroad only after establishing themselves at home in contrast to the ones being born global today. Entrepreneurs these days don’t settle for what they could source locally, instead they hunt down the best resources available internationally, the minute they set foot in business.

But it is never easy.

Internationalizing your startup is indeed a complex and dynamic process.

Will your product sell in the local market? How big is the market and how long will your product take to reach the targeted sales? Who are your competitors? Does your product require any localization? Are you aware of the government- and industry-specific regulations? Most importantly, are you going with an insider’s outlook of what works in the ‘home’ country will work in the new country? 

AIT alumni stories…


The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)-supported  AIT program works alongside promising Swiss and Indian entrepreneurs aiming internationalization through an intense market discovery camp. This endeavor is mandated by ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences which is the leading house for South Asia and Iran, and is executed by Venturelabs, Swissnex in India in association with SIIC-Kanpur.