Software behavior algorithm design for robotic artwork

Project Summary

The project involves writing behavior programs and algorithms for sensor triggered robotic artworks. The main task is to set up a well designed, clean, cleverly parameterized algorithm.

- Get an insight into the language of like-like motion and behavior that is currently not present in mainstream robotics.
- Design a modular behavior interface that can be applied to multiple motion and response systems, instead of a custom approach.
- Design for the real world, how to build robust software for the public domain that closely interfaces with mechanical and embedded systems.


Preferred Bachelors / Masters from the relevant field.

Key skills

- Computer science and programming with Linux and experience in Python

- Experience with web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) is a plus

- Proficient with object oriented programming

- Proficient with Git as a code versioning tool

- Knowledge of embedded systems/ motion control/ sensors.