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International Collaboration

Connecting Switzerland, India and the world in science, education and innovation.


Our work

Connecting people and ideas from Switzerland and India to foster exchange in education, research and innovation.

  • Academia

    We connect Swiss and Indian universities, researchers and academics, fostering the international exchange of research and ideas.

  • Startups

    We act as connectors, trend scouters and analysts, and facilitators and advisors for Swiss startups looking to create a presence in India.

  • Corporates

    We help Swiss corporates to dive into the Indian innovation ecosystem, map the opportunities and find solutions from the right startup partners, across industries.

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A peek at our significant feats

Take a look at our milestones and how they help shape a better tomorrow.

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PC: Linus Nylund
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PC: Peter Nguyen

Nextrends Asia: Ideas & insights from the East

nextrends Asia is a platform showcasing upcoming education, research, innovation and policy trends from China, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia, and how Switzerland’s innovation players engage with them.