Rapyuta Robotics

Swiss startup Rapyuta Robotics is transforming lives by leveraging technology, partnerships and expertise. Started in 2014 with the vision of ‘Empowering lives with connected machines’, their promising applications now run from Bangalore and Tokyo – pioneering solutions for the world. But to foster such ambitious growth, the startup needed highly-skilled engineers. Until three years ago, this was a challenge.

Pioneering robotics solutions, from Bangalore for the world

Rapyuta’s mission is heavily dependent on highly competent engineering expertise. And learning of a relevant talent pool at a Swissnex roadshow in Switzerland nudged its co-founder Gajan to explore Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. From opening in 2017, the startup is now shifting their development of multi-robot intelligence features to India, and contributing remotely to projects in Japan.

“Being one of the first Swiss startups to establish a business in India, Swissnex played a pivotal role in setting up our Indian subsidiary. Starting from critical guidance in the early phase of incorporation and necessary expertise, we were able to work with the top engineering talent in Bengaluru and around India with relative ease.” – Rohit Awasthi, Product Marketing Lead

A couple of years after their 2015 seed round, rapyuta.io, their cloud robotics platform, was made publicly available after extensive research. They currently engage with some of the top Japanese 3PL and engineering enterprises, and are in initial conversations with Indian clients. Thanks to the best of expertise onboard, the power of simulation on the platform enables robotics solutions to be built from Bangalore for transforming the rest of the world!

Rendezvous with Rohit Awasthi

Raputa Robotics is constantly innovating on cloud robotics solutions. Here's a peek at their India journey, and how we partnered in their quest to empower lives across borders.

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