PC: CynLr

Object Intelligence for Robots

Project Summary

CynLr invites you to join our development effort. We are open to tailoring the objective of the Internship in line with your skills and interests as we navigate the route to our goal of developing Object Intelligence for Robots. Illustrative opportunities include:

-GPU Accelerated 3D Graph library to replicate features of LabView Graph
-Multi-robot Synchronization including a dynamic safety envelope (using COTS Robots from Kuka/UR)
-Gripper Current based grasp force manipulation
-Determine Part Orientation using Wrist Force/Torque Sensor Data


-Students of Master’s Programmes or those in the last year of a Bachelor’s Programme
-Have taken course-work in a related field (Mechanical, Electronics, Software etc.)

Key Skills

-Good Understanding of basic mathematics and physics
-Ability to work independently as well as collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team
-Able to explore new ideas
-Willingness to work with hardware