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Switzerland with its high academic standards and top-ranked universities is very well known for its education system. However, it is crucial for young aspiring science and engineering students to experience real-life applications of theories that are challenging, authentic and hands-on.

This requires you to move beyond your comfort zone and test limits.

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From Sundar Pichai to Satya Nadella, Indian engineers are making their name heard across the silicon valley.

A busy and ever-evolving country with the youngest population in the world, speaking over 700 languages in the largest democracy and hosting the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, should be a perfect place to begin. Our flagship program, India Industry Internship gives you an unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience and work-alongside talented young engineers in India. Swissnex in India connects Swiss university students with Indian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the fields of mechatronics, AI and robotics, medtech and cleantech - and has been successfully doing so since 2017. During your three-month internship, you will work on a real-life project matching your field of study, collaborate with a huge talent pool and explore India beyond work. Don't miss this chance to gain international industry experience in the heart of Bangalore, Pune and other tech hotspots.

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