Planetary Ecologies: Ursula Biemann’s Cinematic Studies

Embark on a cinematic journey with artist Ursula Biemann as we present a screening of her video works, 'Deep Weather and Subatlantic', delving into the interwoven narratives of extraction, oil and water. Biemann's extensive fieldwork, from dense Amazon jungles to frigid Arctic terrains, meticulously captures the environmental repercussions of extraction industries on our planet. Through her lens, Biemann's work highlights the complexity of climate change, contributing to a broader conversation about the intricate forces shaping our global landscape.

Join us to explore the technology behind her research, unravelling the connection between oil extraction, earth systems and their collective impact on our environment. Engage with the artist as she peels back the layers of her creative process, offering a profound understanding of the relationships between extraction, oil, water and the evolving dynamics of our world.

Visual Artist