K2A fundraising and grant management workshops 2021

Knowledge2Action network in South-Asia (K2A) is welcoming applications for a series of three inter-related workshops between September – November 2021. The workshops will include a combination of presented content, participant perspectives, funder perspectives, group working on case-studies and moderated discussions.


Session 1: Funding landscape and writing successful grant proposals (14 September 2021, 4-6 pm IST)

This introductory session will cover:
– The funding lifecycle
– Understanding the diverse kinds of funding opportunities
– Funding opportunity analysis tool for researchers etc.


Session 2: Building and sustaining partnerships (potentially in the week of 4-7 October 2021, for 3 hours)

This interactive session will focus on the steps leading up to the creation of successful collaborations. The session will allow for a specific focus on the perspectives of South-Asian members of the K2A network and introduce teamwork.


Session 3: Working effectively with stakeholders (potentially in the week of 10-12 November 2021, for 3 hours)

This interactive session will focus on best practice for working with all stakeholders. The content will include topics on working with institutions, funders, along with case studies.

About trainer

Dr Savita Ayyar

She is the Founder and sole proprietor of Jaquaranda Tree. She is a research management professional with over a decade of experience in the field. Dr Ayyar is currently working on behalf of the DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance to develop IRMI, the India Research Management Initiative.