Into the Voids of Perception: On Listening to the Unheard

Europe-based composer, performer and sound artist Nikki Buzzi will be performing a piece depicting how being part of a particular culture can influence the way we hear things in our environment, and how listening can be used as a tool to transform the future for the better.

A reflection on how culture and sound intersect

and how we can use sound to transform the future

Listening is selecting and interpreting and acting and making decisions.
Pauline Oliveros

Today’s ecological crises are calls to action. However, to change and appreciate the world, we also need to expand our perception of it. Into the Voids of Perception: On Listening to the Unheard aims to expand the range of perspectives we can have on our environment, focusing on the choices that lie within perception.

We have no occasions for interacting with any world other than our own.
Maryanne Amacher

Artist Nikki Buzzi will talk about how the act of listening and their engagement with the environment inform their practice. This will be followed by a sound and music experience, with the aim to activate varying perspectives that allow for ambiguity in deciding what’s real. The event consists of a journey through particular sonic realities and how we can change the way we approach them.