Genetic Variant Analysis Course

Interested in human genetic variation and interpretation? Is heritable variations your particular area of interest ? Are you looking forward to expand your repertoire for Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies? Want to whet your current skills and know more about new tools and techniques for NGS analysis?

Explore the four-day course on Genetic variant analysis with hands-on tutorials, a joint online program by the University of Zurich-ETH Zurich Functional Genomics Centre Zurich (FGCZ) and C-CAMP Bangalore. On successful completion of training, participants will receive a certificate of participation for the training from FGCZ.

Who can apply: Masters students, doctoral and post-doctoral fellows actively engaged in or soon to commence research involving variant analysis of NGS data.

What will the course cover: The course starts with the raw reads and covers pre-processing, alignment, variant calling, several quality-control checkpoints, annotation and impact of variation on protein function and structure. There will also be a preliminary session on somatic variant calling.

Format: Theoretical inputs (lectures), Hands-on activities for data analysis (computer sessions), Interactive discussions on case studies (group discussions), Q&A sessions, feedback and discussions with other participants and instructors, Flash presentations by means of whiteboards or slides.

Requirements: A working computer connection and reliable internet access.  No pre-existing knowledge of Unix nor the command  line environment is required.

Medium of instruction: The course will be entirely taught in English

Costs: Academia: 1770.00 ₹ incl. GST | Startups: 2478.00 ₹ incl. GST

Participants: The course is limited to 50 participants. Selected applicants will be notified by CCAMP by 1-March-2021. Confirmation upon payment only. Apply before 28-Feb-2021. Queries? Contact [email protected].