Blog: Opening doors to
Open Innovation in India

Today, most global companies are rethinking the fundamental ways in which they generate ideas and deliver to their markets. Gone are the days when internal R&D generated internally developed products that were then distributed by the firm.

The following conversations are on how India’s corporate giants look at Open Innovation as a collaborative approach, where they believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere, and, therefore, open up to innovation pipelines leading to a much wider set of sources. Especially through Startup innovations, by providing a spurt of fuel via a blend of business and technology mentoring and real world exposures.

In conversation with Guruprasad

At RBEI, our approach to ‘Open Innovation’ is based on the fundamental premise “No one has it all”.

In conversation with Guhesh Ramanathan

While open innovation is a hot topic among the many enterprises in India, many of them have just started exploring the possibilities that open innovation with startups could bring.

In conversation with Amit Kalra

Open innovation is still in its nascent stage in the Indian insurance industry. Some of the leading insurers are working with the tech ecosystem in an exploratory mode.

In conversation with Avnish Sabharwal

We believe that collaborative innovation is the key to staying ahead of disruption.