For over a decade, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has worked with Swissnex to bring a spirit of international exchange and learning to the university through a staff mobility program. By offering tailored connections, local insights, and structured support, Swissnex helps individual ZHAW visitors to expand their professional horizons internationally.

The ZHAW-Swissnex Staff Mobility Program offers several options to serve a diverse range of ZHAW staff:

  • A two-week research stay allows faculty and staff to pursue academic or applied research projects on a specific topic, making use of Swissnex’s local knowledge and networks to forge new connections with relevant colleagues.
  • For staff with more administrative or technical roles, a two-week peer-learning program enables them to connect with similar staff abroad, in order to exchange best practices or establish new international collaborations.
  • A longer-term research stay of 1-2 months allows participants to embed themselves more deeply in a local ecosystem, both in order to create new professional connections and to produce a final research product that is relevant to Swissnex stakeholders and ZHAW peers.

By leveraging its global network, Swissnex not only supports ZHAW staff in expanding their international and interdisciplinary perspectives, but also helps to fulfill ZHAW’s strategic objective of fostering a globally connected academic community.

Travel Destinations

Any ZHAW faculty and staff can choose to travel to any of the six main Swissnex locations. Each offers a unique local ecosystem of experts and researchers.

“When I do research with people from outside Switzerland, everyday practices are questioned and renegotiated. I like this.”


– Patrick Studer

In a 2021 report, Impact ZHAW investigated the positive benefits of the ZHAW-Swissnex Staff Mobility Program for several participants. Read more


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