Why expand to South Korea?

In the heart of East Asia, one of the fastest-growing developed countries, South Korea boasts a vibrant society that cultivates numerous clusters of innovative companies.
As one of the world’s innovation hubs , South Korea has the highest R&D expenditure per GDP (4.6%) , which is reflected in the quality of research and the number of highly qualified researchers (4th highest per population in the world).

Sector Spotlight

  • ICT

    1st rank in ICT adoption with the most optic fiber connections per capita (Global Competitiveness Index 4.0, WEF). First country to commercially launch a 5G network, South Korea has the highest 4G availability in the world . The strong penetration of ICT has been transforming traditional services and sectors in highly innovative ones.

  • Gaming/AR/VR

    Korea has an incredible gaming/VR/AR infrastructure, culture and high penetration. According to 2020 game user market, mobile games market is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

  • Healthcare

    Government policy encourages deep tech industry and digital health development, so that South Korea provides excellent testbed infrastructure for new innovative products and services onto a homogeneous patient’s pool . Foreign companies are welcome to enter the smart hospital cluster and collaborate on the use of 5G network, AI, AR and robotics.

  • Foodtech

    Companies such as Samsung and Lotte are accelerating food-tech startups. The Elegant Brothers, leading food delivery platform company, has established about 50 million USD fund to invest in food-tech startups. However, aggressive investment is expected to go soon in a different direction than ICT platform, more oriented to healthy/alternative food, affordable nutrition and sustainable supply chain.

  • Cosmetics

    With the extensive infrastructure in technology, many beauty-tech companies are built and thriving in South Korea.

  • Education

    Technology for education is booming in Korea not only for youth education, but also for the professional

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