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Startups, researchers, students, universities and corporates... take a look at our ongoing programs that you could be part of.

Be it supporting young researchers in taking the plunge into an entrepreneurial career, or facilitating internships for Swiss engineers in Indian robotics startups, we co-create programs with our partners, offering new opportunities to connect with the Indian and Swiss innovation ecosystems.

India Industry Internships

Exciting opportunities for Swiss students to work in India for a 3-month industrial internship in the fields of robotics and automation.

PC: Lisa Therese

ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships

ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships open doors for students from India, Australia and Singapore to the world of Swiss academia that combines high quality curriculum with innovative thinking.



Unveiling trends and insights on how Covid-19 has impacted the process of science communication.


Innosuisse market validation and entry

If you are a Swiss Deeptech / Energy / Life Sciences startup interested in the Indian market, here's where your journey begins.


Academia Industry Training

Explore how we bridge academia to industry and help researchers take the plunge into entrepreneurship.


ISJRP 2020

The Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme is out with an open call aiming to advance the implementation of Systems Medicine approaches.


PC: Geran de Klerk


Bridging the gap between scientific research and the potential users and implementers.

PC: Pixabay

Swiss Government Excellence

Promoting international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries.


Swiss it!

Showcasing Switzerland as an innovator in good governance, art and social inclusion.

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