Meet the people who are #connectingtomorrow from India


CEO | Consul General

Jonas Brunschwig

Spearheading organisational goals in India
Deputy Consul General

Patrick Müller

Managing consular activities for Bengaluru and South India
Head of Innovation

Dr. Swetha Suresh

Driving startup coaching and corporate innovation collaborations
Senior Programme Manager

Aparna Kumaraswamy

Supporting healthtech and corporate innovation collaborations
Senior Innovation Manager

Deepika Prithviraj

Bridging venture capital with innovation
Innovation Associate

Adrien Mérillat

Supporting exchange and expansion for startups
Head of Academic Engagement

Dr. Lena Robra

Driving university partnerships and academia connect
Academic Engagement Coordinator

Prajwala Ravikrishna

Supporting academia partnerships and projects
Academic Engagement Manager

Chandrakant Redican

Shaping Indo-Swiss academic relations
Academic Engagement Associate

Mateo Diettes

Fostering academic relations and collaborations
Staff Writer

Chandni Doulatramani

Word wizard
Communications Associate

Saraja Gantner

Design nerd
Senior Finance Manager and Head of Operations

Sarita Prakash

Managing operations and finance
Senior Human Resources and Administration Manager

Solomon George

Powering the team spirit
IT and Administration Manager

Aparna Agarwal

Tech champion

Dinesh Shereshtha

Supporting workplace activities
Senior Clerk

Ravi K Channaiah

Supporting workplace activities and events

Scientific Advisor in New Delhi

Promoting science and technology cooperation with India from the Embassy of Switzerland

Senior Advisor - Education, Research & Innovation

Dr. Indraneel Ghose

Strategising Indo-Swiss collaborations