Electro-Mechanical Animatronic Design

There are a number of projects available, which can be selected, customised based on the skills, interest and motivation of the student. They entail designing a custom mechanical system up to the proof of concept stage, which will eventually become a part of a public exhibition or the PATHOS module itself. The student will be exposed to several aspects of the engineering process; interfacing with the artists, product designers, embedded and interface engineers in India and in Zurich.


The focus is to develop a suitable design; and through a process of systematic documentation, analysis and evaluation with mentors, begin physical prototyping and reiterations to ultimately demonstrate a feasible proof of concept.


Preferred Bachelors/ Masters students from the engineering field

Key skills

- Excellent mechanical design skills.

- CAD for mechanism design, experience with Autodesk Inventor/ Fusion 360.

- Ability to make kinematic simulations, a plus.

- Analysis of mechanisms using first-principles models.

- Experience with electronics a plus (support will be available for implementation of existing motion modules)

- Hands-on mechanical prototyping