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Summer Schools in Switzerland

Most universities offer summer courses during the summer break - from June to September - to students from Switzerland and abroad. This gives master and PhD students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on a specific topic, with peers from around the world benefitting from this international and intercultural environment.

ETH & EPFL Summer schools

The ETH Zurich and EPFL jointly offer a wide range of summer schools open to master and PhD students from Switzerland and abroad. The topics of the courses include quantum computing, big data and machine learning for chemistry, micro-systems for diagnostics and health applications among others. For further information regarding application procedures and deadlines, click here.


The ETH Zurich also offers summer courses in robotics, sustainability and food systems in transition, as well as in other topics. Application details and deadlines can be found here.

University of Basel


The Faculty of Business and Economics offer courses open to Bachelor and Master students in Law, Business and Economic policy. Applications usually open in March and courses are held between June and September. For more information, click here.

University of Bern

Summer school offering

The University of Bern offers courses for Bachelor and Master students in various disciplines, including chemistry, humanities and social sciences, climate and environment, medicine, psychology, business, economics and law. For more information regarding application procedures and deadlines follow the link below.

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University of Fribourg


Each year, the University of Fribourg offers summer and winter schools organized by faculties or research institutions. Researchers can also take part in short research stay programs or get in touch with the university to customize their program. For more informations click here.

University of Lausanne


The University of Lausanne offers summer and winter schools in topics including Gender Studies –  in partnership with the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Forensic Science and Transdisciplinary Nature Conservation. Depending on the course, they are available to Bachelor, Master or PhD students. For more informations, including application procedures, visit their website here.

Global School in Empirical Research Methods


The GSERM Global School in Empirical Research Methods is a high-calibre integrated generic programme on methodology launched by the University of St. Gallen. Master, PhD students, Post-Docs and also practitioners from all kinds of study fields and industries collecting data and analysing in different methods of statistics are welcomed. The courses are usually held in June, with application open until April. For further details and application fees and procedures, click here.

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Summer School in Social Sciences Methods


The Summer School in Social Science Methods is offered by the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) and has been conceived for those who feel the need to refresh, deepen and widen their methodological knowledge and skills, whatever their professional situation: student, researcher or practitioner. More information regarding course work and applications here.