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Pantanal Science Camp

Join this unique research and collaboration opportunity!

About the Pantanal Science Camp

The Pantanal Science Camp is a customizable academic exchange program. Swissnex will provide access to the largest Private Natural Heritage Reserve in Brazil through a one-week science camp, with complete infrastructure and full support on connecting to researchers, universities and academic partners. The program can be structured for summer schools, field courses and study tours on topics such as sustainability, biology, ecology, wildlife conservation, geology, culture, arts, education, anthropology and more.  

Our goal is to provide Swiss researchers the opportunity to discover and experience the Pantanal, bring forward their research and  foster international cooperation with Brazilian counterparts.

  • Why participate?

    The Pantanal Science Camp offers an opportunity for groups of researchers to explore and experience a unique context, landscape and culture to develop their studies and expand their network. Swissnex provides full support on structuring each camp in Brazil, including the hosting facilities at Sesc’s Porto Cercado Hotel.

  • Who can participate?

    Researchers, Master, and Ph.D. students from universities or research institutions based in Switzerland. Bachelor students groups can also participate if accompanied by a senior researcher or professor leading the expedition.

  • When does it take place?

    The camps can be organized throughout the year and will be scheduled individually, depending on the facilities’ availability, length of the trip, planned activities, and other conditions. Contact us for further details.

  • Costs and services

    The cost for a group of up to 5 people for a one-week program is CHF 6’000. For bigger groups, additional locations, or extended stays, please get in touch with us. Consult the program flyer to see what is included. Although travel-related expenses are not included, you can count on our assistance for your travel preparations.

Pantanal, a mosaic of ecosystems

Located in the heart of South America, the Pantanal is a mosaic of ecosystems, neighboring the Amazon Rainforest, the Cerrado, the Atlantic Forest, and the Bolivian Chaco. This is where Swissnex, in collaboration with Sesc Pantanal, holds the Pantanal Science Camp.

The Pantanal is one of the most diverse biomes on earth. This rich and unique wetland holds high concentrations of breathtaking wildlife. This is an ideal environment to carry out research in a variety of fields, such as sustainability, biology, ecology, wildlife conservation, culture, and more. Through a one-week science camp, Swissnex will provide access to the largest Private Natural Heritage Reserve in Brazil, with complete infrastructure and full support for connecting with researchers, universities, and academic partners.

About Sesc

Sesc (Social Service of Commerce) is a non-profit Brazilian private institution with initiatives in Education, Health, Culture, Leisure, and Social Care, providing services in every country’s state. For 20 years, Sesc has managed the Pantanal Private Natural Heritage Reserve to preserve biodiversity, protect rare and endangered species, promote education, and foster scientific research. Sesc’s facilities in Pantanal include the Porto Cercado Hotel, adjacent to the reserve, and the main base of the Science Camp.