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Are you ready to explore the US market and get support from Swissnex for your next big step? Join us for the spring edition of our Startup Bootcamp taking place May 2–13, 2022: applications are now open!

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Innosuisse Market Camps

For the past decade, Swissnex and Innosuisse, through their partnership, have assisted some of the most promising startups to connect with thriving ecosystems in the world’s leading innovation hubs and to establish a foothold in new markets abroad.

Innosuisse promotes the partnership between academia and the market with innovation projects, networking, training, and coaching, laying the groundwork for successful Swiss startups, products, and services. Innosuisse partners with Swissnex to offer Internationalization Camps for global expansion. Important: Applying startups need to be in the Innosuisse Coaching Program

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Swissnex Startup Bootcamp

To accelerate your impact on the US market and collect concentrated insights, we also offer bootcamps. In addition to your Innosuisse Internationalization Camp, you will have the opportunity to be part of a cohort of successful entrepreneurs and explore the US market over the course of 2 weeks. These bootcamps feature fireside chats, toolbox sessions, demo days, and networking events. You will connect with experts from our ecosystems to discuss important topics such as legal questions, investment strategies, product validation, digital marketing, and more.

Coronavirus has made it difficult to travel, but we know that Swiss startups are still forging ahead. The Virtual Bootcamp is a chance for them to work on their internationalization strategies from their home in Switzerland and travel to the US at a later date.

This virtual Bootcamp offers startups a unique opportunity to better understand the fundamental business processes in the US as well as acquire new contacts prior to their coming, making their time more efficient and productive when they travel in person to the US East Coast. The 2-week Bootcamp will feature fireside chats, toolbox sessions, office hours, demo days, and networking events.

Please apply to our Innosuisse Internationalization Camp to benefit from this virtual program.


The Innosuisse Internationalization Camps are open to all Swiss startups in the Innosuisse Startup coaching program (pre-or post-label). Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis. Acceptance is based on predefined thresholds for quality, maturity, and fit for the respective market. Even if you are not an Innosuisse startup yet, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.